Caring for Teeth After an Extraction

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When a tooth has been removed, you will need to change your daily routine for a bit to ensure that the area heals properly. There are certain things that you should do, especially in the first 24 hours, that keep you from dealing with further issues and make the healing process go by faster.

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Control Bleeding

Pulling a tooth is often accompanied by a loss of blood, so one thing you may consider doing is stopping the bleeding by firmly biting down on the gauze provided to you by your dentist. Controlling bleeding is a vital part of tooth extraction aftercare commerce patients will want to focus on and you can also bite on tea bags until bleeding subsides.

Minimize Pain

It is not uncommon to experience some sort of pain when you have gotten a tooth pulled. Pain can be managed well by taking any prescribed medications you receive as directed and resting. You should also avoid chewing until your mouth has healed and remember to avoid driving if any of the medication you have taken lists drowsiness as a side effect.

Reduce Swelling

Swelling is another common experience after a tooth has been extracted by dental professionals, and you will want to reduce swelling if you want to be more comfortable while you heal. To reduce swelling of your mouth or face, use an ice pack on the site to keep it cool. Use the ice pack as much as needed and swelling will go away with time.

Caring for your teeth after an extraction is important, as this keeps your mouth healthy and aids in the healing process. You will need to control the bleeding you experience, minimize pain by taking prescribed and over the counter medications, and reduce swelling using ice packs.