How Can A Dentist Make Children Feel Comfortable In Their Practice?

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Going to the dentist isn’t fun for anyone.  However, when you create a fun environment designed for kids to focus their attention on while getting their teeth cleaned then parents and kid will want to come.  This is why periodontitis torrance make their entire office a kid’s dream.

When we were kids, we would love to have a dentist office be like this.  With modern technology kids can now watch movies, play video games and even play and make believe.  If you want to create a place that children feel comfortable here are some tips.

Play down their fears

When we fear something, we make it larger and scarier than we need to make it.  If we are afraid of monsters why not create a cute monster that is doing a cute action.  In a dentist office have a monster with a large toothbrush with a grin smiling at them from the wall.  The smile can have one tooth which is funny.  This will make the situation enjoyable and downplay their fears.

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Another thing that can be done is play music in the room.  If a child likes a specific song or a group then the dentist can play those songs through the stereo while they are getting their teeth done.  The dentist can also time what they are do so that he and the patient can sing along as well.


The world is filled with videos.  Putting a large television on the wall behind the dentist can also help occupy the minds of the child.  They can watch a fun video, or they can even bring a video with them to watch at the dentists.  This is a great way to give them a comfort or trigger object that will help them get through the scary times of going to the dentist.